Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My First, My Last ..............

SLF 42446 P446TCV on Lowestoft Town Services in happier times
Copyright JAMES RACE
Regular contributor Syd Eade reports that SLF 42446 P446TCV) left Lowestoft this afternoon heading towards Essex.

She was driven by a First driver with its destination blinds removed.

It seems the 'Green Drive' system has also been removed from the bus so it may be for component recovery rather than further service.
Eastern Counties LKD227 OVF227 at Kessingland Beach
Copyright SYD EADE

Syd remembers 42446 with great fondness

She has a special place with me as she was the last bus I drove in passenger service before giving up stage carriage work (the first bus was LKD181 after passing my test on LKD227!)

A good excuse for a photo of LKD227 taken in November 1972 (just a few months before I passed my test on her) at Kessingland Beach whilst I was the conductor. 

The photo doesn't show how cold it was!! My driver wasn't very keen to come out of his warm cab in the winter months.

My thanks to Syd for the report and to both James and Syd for the photos which are both copyrighted

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