Sunday, 4 November 2012

First Bus Recent Changes

As the dust begins to settle after the introduction of Enviro 200s into active service in Lowestoft, it seems very apt to review/summarise vehicle activity in the East Norfolk/East Suffolk coastal strip over the past month

As I was about to prepare this, I received a summary from Grahame Bessey also highlighting the recent changes and they are reproduced here

20115 has been acquired by a private buyer in Essex
Vehicles In

20514 WV02EUP - Great Yarmouth
20515 WV02EUR - Great Yarmouth
44512  DK57SXF - Lowestoft
44513  DK57SXG - Lowestoft
44928  EU08FHB - Lowestoft
45116  VT09JPT - Lowestoft
45117  ST58JPT - Lowestoft
45118  ST09JPT - Lowestoft
45119  RT09JPT - Lowestoft

Vehicles Out

20102 N602APU - Great Yarmouth - Withdrawn & Sold
20115 N615APU - Great Yarmouth - Withdrawn & Sold
42429 P429ORL - Lowestoft to First Essex
43453 P453RPW - Great Yarmouth - Withdrawn & Sold
43469 R469CAH - Great Yarmouth to First Essex


42448 R448CCV - Lowestoft to Great Yarmouth     43433 P433NEX - Lowestoft to Great Yarmouth
42451 R451CCV - Lowestoft to Great Yarmouth     43435 P435NEX - Lowestoft to Great Yarmouth

20102 and 43453 have been sold to dealer Alpha Recovery of Weetslade, Northumberland. First Group are apparently no longer using Erith Commercials for disposing of vehicles.

On the positive side 20115 has been sold to a private buyer in Essex, who collected some spare parts for her from the Caister Road depot on Friday last

My appreciation goes to Grahame for the summary (saving me much work!) and to Ryan for the vehicle disposal information

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