Sunday, 11 November 2012

More Similarities!!

Plaxton bodied Dart 47218 M218VWW on its last fateful journey
Following Mike Sayers contribution in response to Syd Eade's first and last driven buses for First, James Long contacted me regarding some errors in his report 'Sorry Mike just helping out I hope!'

I agree with him that Great Yarmouth never had 40007 and Jim suggests that he must have mistaken it for 'the lovely Duple Dart 46007' (G457KNG) which seems feasible

Syd came to the rescue regarding the identity of the other vehicle as Dart 47218 (M218VWW):-

I was fascinated with the latest blog entry about the similar lives, but it doesn't end there!

Not only did I go to Huddersfield myself a number of times to collect Darts for use at Gt Yarmouth ( being picked up from the Railway Station by a friendly chap in the company van who also used to work for Huddersfield Corporation although I cant remember his name) but the bus Michael remembers so fondly, ex Yorkshire Rider 4218, was driven on its last journey by none other than James Race!

It was operating on the 22:11hrs service 99 from Southwold on 26th November 2009 when it failed at Wrentham. It was rescued by a tow truck and never ran again.

James has a photo of it actually taken on the fateful evening, with only a few more miles of service to go, as well as a later photo at Gasworks Road when it was being used for spares.

Its a small world, but an interesting one!

My thanks to Jim for correcting the error and to Syd for his tale of Dart 47218. Thanks also to James Race for the photos

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