Friday, 2 November 2012

Enviro 200s Latest Activity

Enviro 200 44512 DK57SXF at Norwich Bus Station last night
Photo © James Race
With all the Enviro 200s now entering service at Lowestoft, it seems that there is now a bus photographer on every street corner in the town!!

Nevertheless, just to bring you all up to speed with the latest developments, 44512 DK57SXF entered service on Wednesday and on its second day made it to the fine city of Norwich - the first of the larger Enviro 200s to appear there

James Race photographed her at Surrey Street Bus Station last night having arrived with the 2100 hours X2 from Lowestoft

The other former Townlynx bus 45513 DK57SXG arrived in Lowestoft yesterday and should be out in service today (Friday)

Their arrival has led to the movement of two Darts to First Essex. Lowestoft's SLF 42429 P429ORL has had a reprieve from the scrapman and was driven south yesterday afternoon. She will be joined in the county by Great Yarmouth's 43469 R469CAH

Finally, another Lowestoft Dart has moved to Great Yarmouth with SLF 43435 P435NEX returning to the Caister Road fleet

My thanks to Syd Eade and Ryan for the reports and to James Race for the photo

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