Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Drivers' Memories Continue......

Following the posting on former FEC Dart 47218 Michael Sayer responds:-

I am very sorry for getting my bus numbers wrong ! I spotted it later that evening after I had sent you the e-mail

As you may know Yorkshire Rider buses 4201 to 4225 (M201 - M225 VWW) were delivered new to the Huddersfield depot in 1995 and I know from my time at First Great Yarmouth that most of them found their way into the FEC fleet and some of its sisters were at Caister Road .

Thanks for the story of 47218 and its sad end . It was a bus I drove nearly every early shift at Yarmouth as it was nearly always allocated to the 0637 to Lowestoft , which ran in at 0830 , and the bus then went empty to Norwich to run the 17/17A. As stated previously the bus meant a lot to me ,as I had also driven it in Huddersfield.
On my return to Huddersfield in 2006 I worked part time , and did the same 5 hour shift every day so often drove our 42178 (P708HPU), a bus I took to my heart as it had nearly the same number as my favourite Yarmouth bus ! The depot staff made sure it was held back for me on my last day to drive after 40 years on Huddersfield's buses !

Out of interest in the picture I sent you , my first trip each day was a 314 to Holme . Holme is a lovely tiny Pennine village at the base of Holme Moss . The route went through Holmfirth , famous as the filming location for Last Of The Summer Wine . Many an afternoon myself and 42178 trundled past Compo's cafe and Nora Batty's cottage !

My apologies once again. Keep up the good work.
Regards .... Michael Sayer
Syd Eades has also sent details of yet another local bus connection with Huddersfield

One last item regarding the surprising links between here and the Huddersfield area also needs to be mentioned.

After branding for the Lowestoft-Kessingland service had been fitted to R458BNG, it was surprisingly whisked off to Huddersfield depot! As a result it never became 43458 in line with the rest of the batch when the five figure numbers arrived, and recieved 40881 instead; so is often overlooked by local enthusiasts. I have sent a photo of her  taken in 2009 in Halifax. 

Many thanks to Syd and Michael for their interesting memories and photos

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