Wednesday 19 November 2014

Anglianbus Trident Movements

No 711 in happier times at Lowestoft on 16th December 2013
So far unreported on the blog are some recent movements within the Go Ahead Group concerning two Anglianbus Tridents

Today Anglian has reported the transfer of former Brighton & Hove Trident 711 T811RFG to Headingham for spares

It joins similar (though active) 723 W823NNJ which moved earlier in the month in the same direction; having recently been on loan to konectbus

The situation regarding No 711 was obtained in good faith from the Anglianbus website but its location has been disputed by another enthusiast!

From the outset, East Norfolk Bus Blog (ENBB) has always stated that the quality of information contained on other websites is out of our control and is not our responsibility. Rest assured ENBB always reports the facts and not the fiction!

Anglianbus subsequently amended the entry to say that T811RFG 'has gone to Brighton & Hove (not Hedingham as previously reported) for spares'

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