Friday 21 November 2014

First Great Yarmouth Update

I have been reliably informed by two sources that all of Great Yarmouth's new Wright StreetLites will be available for service today, with the exception of 47504 SN64CPY (not 47505 as previously stated)

Their availability for service means that transfers away will inevitably occur and the first to leave is 43862 EG52FGK which has permanently moved down the A12 to Lowestoft. Others are expected to follow in a few days

Caetano bodied Dennis Dart SLF 43862 EG52FGK outside Caister Road depot in June last year
Talking of Lowestoft, their Dennis Dart SLF 43481 R681DPW paid a visit to Caister Road for repairs, only to be returned without any work being carried out - being deemed to be in a poor state of repair!

Many of you will wonder what the latest situation is with regards to Olympian 34110. An assessment of its condition and the costs to return it to service means that it is currently uneconomical to repair. If anyone is looking to preserve the last Olympian built a lot of money will need to be spent on it!

During my visit yesterday, I looked in at the rear of the depot and noted similar 34112 had been moved from the side to the rear to make way for a new glass container to store replacement windows. Thereby eliminating the need to having to order them in

Of the Olympians in the yard 34113 W433CWX is a lost cause and only 34112 W432CWX has a remote possibility of a return to service - but thought to be extremely unlikely

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