Saturday 8 November 2014

Magdalen Estate Diverts Continue

Gemini 37576 at the temporary Hertford Way terminus
This is the third weekend of diverts at Gorleston's Magdalen Estate - although it's only the second time work has been carried out!

During this period, the X1 operated between Gorleston High Street and James Paget Hospital via Church Lane, Middleton Road and Lowestoft Road with all stops on Middleton Road being served.

Service 2 operated as normal as far as Selwyn Road and then continued along the whole length of Trinity Avenue before continuing right onto Magdalen Way to terminate at the bus stop on Magdalen Square. On the return journey it operated via Hertford Way, right into St Anne's Crescent, then as normal.

On Saturdays, some service 8 journeys from Caister operated via Middleton Road to
32213 complete with Magdalen Estate destination
Lowestoft Road and Bridge Road whilst others operated via Trinity Avenue and terminated at the lay-by on Hertford Way. 

An additional shuttle service ran every half hour between Hertford Way and Gorleston High Street to allow passengers to transfer to other services.

Regular contributor Jamie Skinner was on hand to witness the diverts in place in Hertford Way and also in Gorleston High Street 

Whilst in the High Street he captured a photo of Volvo B7TL/ Plaxton President 32213 LT52WTW with the unusual destination of Magdalen Estate being displayed

My thanks to Jamie for his regular reports and photos
Dennis Dart SLF/ Caetano 43860 EG52FGF nearing Hertford Way with the shuttle service

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