Thursday 13 November 2014

StreetLites Enter Service - Special Report

The first day in service for 47502; here it's on the 12:05 service 6 from Market Gates to Bradwell   Photo: Tim Miller
Jamie Skinner caught 47502 on Church Lane Gorleston on its way to Belton 
The grapevine was busy this morning with reports that First's two recent StreetLite arrivals were in revenue earning service today

As suggested in an earlier post they were most likely to appear on First's 5, 6 or 7 routes.

It was no surprise then that both Tim Miller and Jamie Skinner reported the use of 47502 SN64CPV on service 6 to Bradwell and the 7 to Belton respectively
Surprisingly 47501 was noted working on the 8 to the James Paget Hospital this afternoon   Photo: eastnorfolkbus

And if that's not enough, Jamie also provides a video of his ride on one of the StreetLites for your delectation! My thanks to both Jamie and Tim for their valued reports

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