Saturday 15 November 2014

New Look Norwich Latest

 A Brief trip up to Norwich this morning to attempt to photograph all the recent repaints and loans, my work was done in less than an hour in Castle Meadow with all the required vehicles appearing in double quick time.

First up is 33126 LT02NVO which is on long term loan from First South Yorkshire, seen working the 23A service.

33154 LR02LXN was repainted at Simon Morris in Ipswich and has returned sporting unusual Black fleetnames and no pink relief has been applied.

Last on the list to photograph was 33166 LR02LYD which has returned from Rotherham in its new Purple line guise, lacking any lettering at present which it needs to make the livery complete.

33163 was also noted in use to complete the repaints out and about today in the city.

Currently away at Rotherham is 33003 whilst 33060 is at Simon Morris in Ipswich being treated.

I ventured back to Yarmouth to seek out the Streetlites and both were out and about, 47502 was photographed at Caister Road between duties.

I am told the rest of the batch are expected in Norfolk during next week for service preparation


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