Saturday 1 November 2014

Variations on a 3 Part One

The Summer Service Number Three run by First has always thrown up a real variation of vehicles being used on the route between Great Yarmouth and Hemsby.

I lived in Hemsby for Eight years and so it was always easy to get to photograph the route, it was normally on my way home from work, the sun was always in the right place to photograph vehicles leaving the Beach Road terminus in the late afternoon sunshine.

In 2007 the route was mainly operated by the three Routemasters, One in Flying Banana livery, One in a variation of Great Yarmouth Transport livery (A debate for another Blog!) and a classic Red version. I was kindly asked by First to supply a photo for the Timetable produced for that year and my shot of 39623 leaving the terminus was chosen, a proud moment!

30100 leaves Beach Road in July 2007
Vehicle allocation apart from the Routemasters was always worth keeping an eye on as almost anything could appear from Darts to Scanas, Tri axle Olympians to Park and Ride liveried ALX 400's.

The Tri axle Olympians were often seen in use and carried good loads, the problem for these was the turning point at the top of Newport Road, the bus had to turn and reverse before carrying on to Hemsby.

Routemasters always proved popular on the route but were not seen out on it this year, they are now for Private Hire work only.
Dart 40187 at Britannia Pier in May 2007

Vehicles were also loaned in for the School Holidays to run the route, a pair of Alexander Darts from First Calderline were here and photos will appear in part two of this feature, Norwich Olympians also appeared on loan to cover the service from time to time.

The next instalment will see Park and Ride in Hemsby, that Blue Routemaster, Halifax loan and a classic Olympian!

Part Two coming shortly..............

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