Friday 28 November 2014

Great Yarmouth Transport Feature

Former Great Yarmouth Corporation Leyland PD2 EX6566 which is now a
resident at the East Anglia Transport Museum. Due for its mot next week!
Welcome to Black Friday!

Today is anything but black, although it does seem to be taking a long time for daylight to arrive on the east coast!

Friday means the publication of the local weekly newspaper the Great Yarmouth Mercury

Contained in this week's issue is 'Peggotys' full page report on the arrival of the new StreetLites and a look at the history of local buses

Page 8 has contributions from Colin White, Eastern Transport Collection's Joint News Editor, and Ray Allard of Bradwell. The article also mentions East Norfolk Bus Blog (fame at last!) and includes photos of local buses

There is also a seperate Great Yarmouth Mercury online report on the £1.75 million investment in the new buses, which can be accessed HERE


  1. Erm what about the Guy BB it wasn't mentioned .

  2. Am pleased to be an associate of the famous ENBB ! and to find we have even more enthusiasts in the area