Thursday 6 November 2014

Lowestoft Memories

A young looking Syd posing in front of LFS86 at the Whitton Estate terminus
An earlier blog post referred to Bristol Lodekka 54CPW being made available for sale on ebay and, incidentally with thirty minutes to go, there has still been no bids received

The photo stirred up some memories with regular contributor Syd Eade who had a photo of the same bus in use at Whitton Estate in Lowestoft

Syd thought that 'the bus was allocated to Lowestoft and only went on loan to Great Yarmouth on summer Saturdays for the extra Hemsby runs from Vauxhall Station....but as it still has no blinds in your photo it is impossible to tell! In later years the service ran via Beach Coach Station and Vauxhall and was numbered 623, I think.'

Whitton Estate was of particular interest to me as I used to accompany my grandparents to see my uncle in Southfield Gardens and we always caught the 3A Eastern Counties bus service from Lowestoft Railway Station

LKD219 297JHC on the 3A pictured in Oulton Village in March 1974
Syd confirms that 'the 687 was exactly the same as the original 3A you remember. I was a regular conductor on the service in the 1970s, and have sent a photo of myself at Whitton Estate terminus along with a shot of the only open back LKD to get into Poppy Red NBC colours on the run'

Incidentally 297JHC joined Eastern Counties from Eastern National in November 1973 and stayed for around three years. After a spell at dealers Ben Jordans of Coltishall, it ultimately made its way to the USA and was last heard to be in California

My thanks for the nostalgia trip Syd and what a handsome chap you were! Both pics are copyrighted to Syd Eade

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