Sunday 2 November 2014

Variation on a 3 Part Two

Olympian 34903 leaving Beach Road in June 2009
First up is Norwich based Olympian 34903 H103KVX which was new to Thamesway, she appeared in the summer of 2009 on loan to work the route alongside members of the Yarmouth Fleet, pictured leaving the Beach Road Terminus on a sunny June afternoon in 2009.

Park & Ride liveried 32483 July 2007
Norwich Park & Ride vehicles were based at Great Yarmouth Depot, the vehicles operated the Harford and Sprowston sites and it was a common sight to see one of the spare vehicles working the route, 32483 AU53HKA is pictured again at a sunny Beach Road in July 2007.

As mentioned in the first part of this blog, two First Calderline Alexander Dash Darts were loaned to Great Yarmouth to work the route from Halifax, there is a post on our blog regarding them and im sure if you search back you will come across it.

Another ex Yorkshire Dart, 47215 in May 2009
Continuing the Yorkshire theme, 47215 M215VWW was part of a batch of Darts transferred from First York and our photo shows it at Hemsby in May 2009 shortly after being repainted into what was then the new First livery with the smaller willowleaf at the rear.

Finally we finish with the controversial Routemaster 39717 SMK717F which appeared in a so called Great Yarmouth Transport livery, it was repainted at Roundtree Way in Norwich and got a very mixed reception when it first appeared, personally it should have been a darker Blue as many other enthusiasts i am sure will agree, a shame as it would have looked so much better.

39717 at Beach Road in May 2007
39717 was withdrawn and taken up to Glasgow after being purchased by a private buyer, it has since appeared in Thailand and is still wearing its Great Yarmouth colours i believe.

Well i hope you have enjoyed reading and seeing my photos from the summer service, i have a lot more in my collection but not enough space to share them all.

Im sure the route will continue to throw up the odd allocations, after all a certain Enviro 400 even put in an appearance or two this summer!.


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