Saturday 10 January 2015

A Morning in Norwich

Rail Replacement work from Norwich to Stowmarket this weekend was the excuse for a trip to a very cold and windy city this morning. It did in fact start off very wet whilst waiting for the X1 from Acle!

Numerous operators were noted supplying vehicles for the replacements including First who had been swapping vehicles around on Friday to carry out the duties, Lowestoft Geminis 37569/37571 were noted in use at the Station whilst Norwich's 36175 was out on the X2, Im guessing another was also used but not noted on my visit.
36175 BD11CFZ enjoying a rare outing on the X2
Simonds Van Hool 378BNG at Norwich Rail Station

A number of local Coach operators were also on duty including Smiths of Blofield, Chenery, Galloway, Simonds plus Essex companies Turners and Panther Travel.

Finally, I'm not much of a train person to be honest but I did note in the sidings at Norwich was Class 37 loco 37218 which is an old school diesel which I believe has been drafted in to replace Class 47 versions here but don't quote me on that!
Class 37  37218 In the sidings at Norwich


  1. Good evening sir top post there! Yes you are correct the '37 was supposed to replace the 47's utilising a DBSO which can operate the loco in push/pull mode in September but as yet the dbso has not appeared better be quick 47790 in northern belle livery is the last they can use in the area.....Anglia has broke the rest !

  2. Believe the 37 will be used to haul stock to/from repaint & overhaul at Wolveton :-) Used to be 47 operated but there's none left except those needed on Short Set :-)