Monday 5 January 2015

Yarmouth 85's

Following on from Roy's post this morning with the news that Danny & Chris have purchased Great Yarmouth Swift 85, I thought I would share some photos of her back in July 2010 when she was brought down from her then Yorkshire home by former owner Nigel Blair. The East Anglia Transport Museum at Carlton Colville had just completed the restoration of another Great Yarmouth 85 in the shape of AEC, AEX85B.This sunny Saturday morning in July both 85's were joined by another preserved Yarmouth vehicle Leyland 66 EX6566 for a tour of their old Yarmouth haunts.
The trio of Yarmouth Blue parked alongside the Pleasure Beach
The two 85's stand alongside each other at the Seashore Camp Terminus
WEX685M in the sunshine on Great Yarmouth seafront

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  1. Brings back happy memories of travelling on the Swifts when visiting my Grandparents.