Saturday 24 January 2015

Latest First News Updated

43859 Pictured at Caister Road shortly after entering service in June 2013 (showing a route it never worked!)

Latest transfers are taking place over this weekend with 43859 EG52FHD moving over to Lowestoft from Yarmouth, 43864 EG52FGA has also followed now its engine problems are sorted out.

Lowestoft Enviro 200's  45116/45117 & 44928 (VT09JPT/ST58JPT/EU08FHB) are also moving up to Norwich.

First South Yorkshire Volvo B10BLE 66112 R912BOU is at Lowestoft as originally reported, 30888 W743DWX remains on loan at Lowestoft from Yarmouth.

Many Thanks to Danny Beales for the Update.

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