Friday 2 January 2015

First Yarmouth & Lowestoft News

30888 W743DWX seen at Caister Road shortly after arriving back from her spell in Ipswich in late 2014
January sees the start of a major refurbishment program for the remaining Volvo/ALX 400   
with First at both Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft.

Ex Leicester examples at Yarmouth, 32058/59/61-65 & 30888 will all go up to Rotherham for Internal changes required to come up to the latest DDA regulations and a full repaint into the new First livery, changes do not include a full internal refurbishment i am told. Lowestoft vehicles 30886/30889-901 will have the DDA changes only as they are already in the new colours.       

The plan runs from January to March with 4 vehicles being taken to Rotherham each month, first 4 expected to head north are 32061/32064 from Yarmouth and 30886/30901 from Lowestoft beginning on Monday next week. Four loan vehicles are expected from First South Yorkshire with two heading to Yarmouth & two for Lowestoft.

March will see two vehicles being painted into special heritage liveries for Lowestoft (Cream/Brown) and of course a Blue/Cream version for Great Yarmouth. It is hoped these two will be fully refurbished inside also. 30888 has been earmarked for the Lowestoft livery and she will transfer there on completion, incidently she is currently on loan to Lowestoft as cover as one of Lowestoft's X1 fleet has gone up to cover shortages at Kings Lynn.

Thanks to Danny Beales at First for inviting me down today to share the information (and lunch!)

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  1. Nice one Grahame,thanks for the updates,look forward to seeing the repaints in due course,any idea what loans are coming,probably 60618/22/62143/66112 lets hope you get a decker or two although those B10BLE's are nice buses