Friday 23 January 2015

First Volvos head South

60813 S664RNA pictured at the Seashore terminus back in July 2014

Three former Yarmouth Volvo B10BLE Wright Renowns which were recently withdrawn have made their way down to a new home with First Devon & Cornwall.

60813/60814 & 66126 all arrived in Plymouth yesterday to begin another chapter of their working lives. 60813/4 were new to First West Yorkshire whilst 66126 was new to First Hampshire.

They have been replaced at Yarmouth by Norwich Volvo B7L's 66334/66341 & 66344, all were new to First Midlands (Leicester & Northampton).


  1. I think the B7L's were new to First Manchester, hence the Manchester registrations. They came to FEC via Northampton.

    1. They were purchased for the commonwealth games i recall, but soon moved on to Northampton, but they would have been new to manchester initially, thanks

  2. 60813/60814 was new to First Manchester and was part of a batch of ten which was swapped with some Double Deckers from First Bradford