Monday 5 January 2015

Speedy Swift!

My report on the East Anglia Transport Museum's Suffolk Made and Operated event held in May last year drew some comment from regular correspondent Jim Long

Jim forwarded a photo he had taken at the Norfolk Showground in 1993 of a former Great Yarmouth Eastern Coach Works bodied AEC Swift which begged the question if any examples of the batch had survived

Ex Great Yarmouth Transport Swift now in the hands of  Chris Speed and Danny Beales.  Photo Chris Speed
In response Neil Jordan said that he knew 85 was still extant and, lo and behold, news of its new buyers surfaced yesterday on Facebook

For those that that don't have access to (or are not interested in) Facebook, Chris Speed, Business Manger for First Eastern Counties, announced that he and Danny Beales, GY Operations Manager, have both acquired WEX685M for preservation

It's good to see the 1973 built bus in safe hands again and Chris has already said it will be used at rallies leading to the possibility of a Swift reunion on the cards.

The couple last met up was in  June 2012 when No 85 visited the EATM  and was posed alongside former Lowestoft Corporation YRT898H

Looking forward to seeing her again 

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