Saturday 31 January 2015

When Ollies Ruled Part One

34922 G122YEV enters Lowestoft Bus Station on the X2
All the recent posts regarding the Olympians still hard at work i thought i would share a few photos from my collection looking back at some of the vintage that operated around Norfolk & Suffolk.

Obviously the First Olympians ran in the Red & Cream of Eastern Counties and im saving those for another day!

First up is 34922 G122YEV, she pretty much worked out of every First depot during her life here after coming from First Capital, she is pictured in 2008 at Lowestoft and you will notice the unique destination screen!.
34111 W431CWX at Lowestoft in 2008 still wearing a rear ad from her Avon & Somerset days

34108 - 34114 arrived in October 2008 from First Avon, they were new to Yorkshire Coastliner and operated the express service between Leeds, York & Whitby to name but a few before being purchased by Firstgroup.

They began at Lowestoft for use on the X2 service, replacing the G-reg Olympians, Before ending up at Great Yarmouth, some were noted on loan at Norwich also (have photos somewhere!)

34113 W433CWX at Lowestoft shortly after arriving with FEC

Tri Axle Olympian 30103 K487EUX leaving Lowestoft in Sunny October 2008
The Tri axle Olympians are another post altogether, but could not resist a shot of one in this version.!

Part Two will look back at some of the Blue Bus Olympians and more............

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