Monday 19 January 2015

Postcard From America

One of our occasional contributors spent the new year in Washington

Peter Warner has sent this photo of a Washington Metrobus on its way to the station at...Foggy Bottom! Peter says 'It was taken on New Year's Eve, so I presume the bus eventually made it back out of the fog in time for the New Year celebration later that evening!' Thanks for the photo Peter

Coincidentally there is also a video of the same bus on YouTube which features a ride on the vehicle. This can be accessed by clicking the image on the right

Our US contact in North Carolina, Mick Capon, has provided further information on the bus in the Comments below 


  1. 2345 is a NFI (New Flyer Industries) C40LF. Built in Canada, it is part of a 100-strong batch delivered in 2001. It is powered by a Cummins C Gas Plus engine, the transmission being via an Allison B400R gearbox.

    NFI is now owned by NABI (North American Bus Industries), also Canadian owned.

    DC Metro operates the DC subway, Metro Buses and the DC Circulator Network. The bus fleet is around 1,500 vehicles.

    I love DC and visit there whenever I can. Of further interest is that UK-owned Megabus runs three services daily between my home city, Durham and DC. Amazing value ($1 fares offered, but average is $15-30) the journey takes 5 hours, as opposed to Amtrack's 8!

  2. Many thanks for the detailed information Mick. You have provided everything needed and more (except the chassis number LOL!) I'm very grateful as it would have taken me some time to find plus the local input is of interest too