Tuesday, 9 June 2015

36180 Under Wraps

Thanks to regular contributor Jim Long we can bring the latest pictures of the progress on the repaint of Norwich Gemini 36180, it is currently undergoing its transformation at Simon Morris in Ipswich, Jim managed to capture some photos of her this morning.

36180 still masked up and drying in the sun!

 Thanks as always to Jim for the photos.       Grahame.


  1. Do we know if any of the Geminis (or indeed any Norwich based bus) is going into a special local livery? There were mumblings about this last year after the Ipswich B7 was painted.

    1. 30888 for Lowestoft and 32059 for Yarmouth I believe, leading from 'SuffolkRaiders' comment

  2. Yes Laine yarmouth and lowestoft are due one each and the numbers escapes me totally but I dare say Sir Grahame or Sir Roy will know