Friday 26 June 2015

9:30 Mass Exodus!

I am not normally in town in the early mornings unless for a specific reason. Today was one of those rare days as I wanted to clear up some business prior to the town centre getting busier

This allowed for a quick visit to Market Gates which seemed busier than usual. At 9:30 there was a mass departure of vehicles! The Asda shuttle moved off first with Ambassador's former Go Gateshead Scania/Wright Access-Floline S350SET in charge

Konect's Optare Versa 302 AU08DKL in Regent Street heading for Norwich on the 72 service
Next off the blocks, and on time, was a former First Essex Dart on the 2 to the James Paget Hospital followed by Optare Versa AU08DKL on Konect's 72 service to Norwich via Blofield

Enviro200 YW14HWS in charge of Anglian's 81A service to Beccles
At the end of the procession was Sanders Scania YN57FWJ on the 6 to North Walsham being pursued by Anglian's 81A service in the hands of  long term loanee Alexander Dennis Enviro200 demonstrator YW14HWS


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