Thursday 18 June 2015

#TBT Caroline Coaches MXX87

A really interesting subject for this week's 'Throw Back Thursday' feature as I delay the Canary Cup pictures to next week

Earlier this week I received an email from frequent contributor Tim Major attaching a photo of a bus which used to operate with Caroline Coaches before their merger with Seagull Coaches

I expected it to be a single decker as they didn't run that many double deckers. To my surprise, it was of the former variety and one I remember well from my formative years. It always used to attract my attention when in ran into Cobholm

MXX87 was a former London Transport RTL new in November 1952 as RTL 1364. I also remember its Park Royal H30/26R body being painted in a blue and white livery The RT type was the forerunner of the iconic Routemaster with the RTL being the Leyland powered version of the standard RT

Mr Maddeson often used to park one or two of his coaches (some Bedford OBs I particularly remember) on the roadside at Coronation Road, but I suspect MXX87 (because of its size) was probably parked elsewhere and the photo appears to show it on land adjoining Saw Mill Lane in Cobholm away from any housing

I have been unable to source any additional details about the RTL and would welcome any further information anyone has

My thanks to Tim for the photo which he obtained on a recent trip to Derbyshire with its source being unknown


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