Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Las Vegas Buses

Before I loose the WiFi service for a while I have just a little time to prepare a post on buses operating in Las Vegas

Apparently 'the great cities of the world haven't got anything on Las Vegas, at least not when it comes to buses' says the official blurb! 'We have double-decker buses -- shiny gold ones and red ones with open tops. Plus, you'll see traditional buses, trolley buses, bendy buses and even environmentally friendly hybrid buses on our streets,

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada operates two partially overlapping routes that blanket these areas. The Deuce is a double-decker bus system reminiscent of the iconic red ones in London. But this is Vegas, so we bling'd up our double-decker buses in a glittering gold color. The Deuce runs 24 hours a day and stops at most of the resorts between Mandalay Bay and downtown.
Then there's the Strip and DowntownExpress (aka the SDX) . It's articulated vehicles are designed to look and feel like trains. The SDX uses bus-only and HOV lanes as well as bypasses much of the Strip hotels in order to provide a faster "express" service


  1. You're obvious enjoying yourself Roy. Buses in Vegas are operated by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, the fleet strength being a tad over 400. The deckers on The Deuce are ADL Enviro 500s, the SDX are the Wright StreetCars RTVs, whilst to my knowledge no trolleybuses operate in Vegas. This refers to the awful replica trolleys, which operate in nearly all US tourist destinations by private operators.
    Hope you're enjoying the heat!

    1. Grateful for the info Mick as have no time to do the research whilst on the road