Tuesday 16 February 2016

Lowestoft Sightings

Yesterday I felt in need of some bus activity and, with school duties out of the way with half term, I decided to head off to Lowestoft to get photos of the recent arrivals from First Bath

However, the outward journey didn't go as planned - I arrived near to the bus stop just to see the X1 passing me with celebrity SN60CAA in charge. After an expletive, I decided to walk to Gorleston High Street where I would have a choice of routes - and it rained too!

President 32205 LT52WTL on Corton Long Lane
It was later used to provide my journey back home
As expected (dreaded!), the first to arrive was a President in the shape of  32211 LT52WTU on the 1 and I headed upstairs to see the front seats were occupied. Only as far as the James Paget Hospital though, so I changed seats in the hope of getting a photo through the front windows. As most of the route was southbound, and the sun out, there was fat chance of that! There was a westbound stretch along Corton Long Lane where I was fortunate that there was another President heading towards us on the reverse of the same route

Arriving at Lowestoft Bus Station, I noted that Lowestoft Corporation liveried ALX400 30888 W743DWX was about to work the X22 to Norwich. Another bus I wanted a photo of and, although the low sun wasn't helping, this is was what I got!

With the cold and rain shower beginning to take effect, and none of the sextet of new arrivals making an appearance, I decided it was time for a caffeine injection.

Armed with my hot drink, I headed off to Station Square for a different location for photos. No sooner had I arrived then another shower meant a quick dash to the railway station for cover. I immediately decided not to partake of some passive smoking so headed for the bus shelters instead.

Straight away an Anglian decker arrived with no passengers and 'Not in Service' on the destination screen. T812RFG, an East Lancs Loloyne bodied Trident, didn't appear on any service and I wondered what it was doing there.  I later learned from social media that a presence there appears to be a common occurrence. (see SteveW's comment below for the reason!)

With the rain almost stopping, I espied my first newcomer in the queue of traffic heading towards me on Katwijk Way. Luckily 42911 WX05RVV was stopped at the lights allowing for a reasonable photo - perhaps the sun was shining down on me at last!

Returning to Gordon Road and the bus station, I observed that Suffolk Norse were employing regulars ADL Enviro300 SN56AYL on the 107 to Gunton and Iveco MX53VHL on its 115 route to Kirkley

Another of the the ex First Bath Darts, 42908 WX05RVR, on Lowestoft town service 101
I only managed to get another two of the ex First Bath Darts in the bag so it means another trip over the border in the near future - hopefully when the weather is a little milder

As far as I could see the only one active of the seven
vehicles on site was Angies Tours operated King Long
I thought I would also look in at the former Eurosun premises at Norwich Road Industrial Estate. Seven vehicles were on site in various states of (dis)repair with King Long WJI5242 appearing to be the only one in a roadworthy condition now operating for Angies Tours.

For the record the other six were
TIB8574 Scania K113CRB/Jonckheere
A11HOA Mercedes Benz 814D/Marshall
WJI6895 MAN/Marcopolo Explorer
BLZ7773 Scania K113CRB/Jonckheere
FIL6002 Dennis Javelin/ Plaxton Premiere
K2HWT MAN/Jonckheere

TIB was being used as a Christmas tree for spares and looked unlikely to ever turn a wheel in anger again. K2HWT was formerly with ex Great Yarmouth operator Caroline Seagull

All too soon it was time for the journey home which meant another trip back on a President - this time it was 32205 LT52WTL which had passed me on my inward journey earlier that day

I was not the only blogger in town that day as Lou was up from Eastbourne and Cameron had travelled in from Gorleston



  1. Can tell you exactly why that Anglian decker was up there. The driver brings it dead from the depot - on schoodays it it used on the Pakefield School run. He then does a 61 on a different bus before taking the decker back to the depot with another driver. Later he does Pakefield School again before going dead to Norwich then a 7 to Yarmouth. Great economical use eh! However the duties are changing again at the weekend so imagine it won't be seen for too long now.

    Glad those who thought 712 would be used rather than stored in the graveyard have been proved correct!

  2. Thanks very much for that Steve - really is very economical use of the vehicle!!