Tuesday 26 September 2017

24 Hours of Surprises!

A scene soon to disappear after November this year?
Versa AU11EPE on the withdrawn 71 Belton service
pictured in Gorleston High Street in March this year
Wow! The last twenty four hours have certainly thrown up a couple of surprises!

The first, exclusively reported yesterday afternoon by SteveW on his Bus & Train Page where he states Anglianbus is to withdraw its presence from Great Yarmouth. Although not quite strictly true as it will continue to keep a foot in the town by starting the 61 service from the James Paget Hospital on weekdays from November. I must say that Anglian's decision has not come as a complete surprise as I have seen their services being gradually whittled down over recent months

The second surprise, is this morning's announcement by Zak Nelson of the impending closure of the Norwich Bus Page, although he will continue to keep the Facebook site going. Its a bit sad to see this happening as Norwich Bus Page was always seen by us as a healthy competitor in those early days and, despite its name, used to concentrate initially on activity in the the Great Yarmouth area!

That doesn't leave many of the 'famous five' continuing to blog regularly. Good luck in whatever you do Zak and hope to continue to see you on the enthusiast circuit.

What a busy 24 hours of surprises its been then.


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