Saturday, 2 July 2022

Brighton Breezy

 A sunny day with a cool breeze welcomed us on our visit to Brighton yesterday which included viewing the local bus scene.

We arrived there on Stagecoach South’s Coastliner 700 service which, in the beginning, appeared to stop at every lamppost but was fully loaded. We alighted at the Churchill Square stop where we observed the many Brighton & Hove buses.

After some retail therapy at the shopping centre, we adjourned to Old Steine where we consumed our ‘meal deal’ whilst observing bus activity. It was interesting to see the bendybuses still in action on The Universities 25 route.

Whilst there was no activity at Pool Bus Station, I took a couple of photos of the Brighton open top buses awaiting passengers at the Pier.

We returned to Old Steine to catch the 700 Coastliner back to Worthing and witnessed one of the four electric buses purchased by The Big Lemon. Unfortunately I only got a side photo so was unable to identify its registration.

However, our wait for our return journey to Worthing was unusually long and it was obvious that the service had experienced a problem. Our decker arrived along with a saloon acting as a relief. Luckily we managed to grab the top front seats and were ‘fried’ on our trip back.

It did provide a good vantage point for some pics of Brighton buses in service


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