Friday 1 July 2022

Crawley Luxury Coaches Visit

The second operator based at Lancing Business Park is Crawley Luxury Coaches located on Charwell Road with some thirteen coaches on site.

I approached the depot entrance with intention of only taking photos at the front of the premises with two Volvo B10M-62s placed at the entrance. W608 FUM had Plaxton Premier bodywork, whilst 978 VYD was a Berkhof Axial. The former was new to Wallace Arnold in August 2000 whereas the latter began life with Ferris Holidays of Nantgarw of Wales as Y796 HPG in May 2001.

As I was taking the photo one of the mechanics walked towards me and asked if I would like to take pics of the others on site and allowed me a free rein. In the workshop receiving attention was D32 CLC, a Vanhool Alizee bodied. Volvo B10M which was new to Tellings Golden Miller as P10 TGM. It also carried the registration P272 HBC.

With the exception of two, all the coaches were parked around the periphery of the site. The others were situated adjoining the  workshop at the rear.

They were OC51 CLC, a Volvo B10M/ Berkhof which was new to East Yorkshire as YX51 AXM. Alongside was white Volvo B12BT B8 JHN which was new to Lochs & Glens as FJ05 AON

The back row included DC06 CLC, Mercedes-Benz Citaro (ex FJ06FMV); XX60CLC , Mercedes-Benz Tourismo (ex BD60 XSY) and plateless N12 CLC, another Wallace Arnold refugee originally registered as PN02 SVL.

A very enjoyable visit.


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  1. That DC06 CLC is an ex-Arriva Southern Counties Mercedes-Benz Citaro!