Saturday 30 July 2022

National Express 727 Service ~ Edwards Coaches

David Slater reports 'Since 1 July, which saw changes to the Great Yarmouth-Heathrow National Express service 727, there is now a vehicle of Edwards Coaches (Bristol/South Wales) to be seen on one of the workings.

I am puzzled about it. On paper it is simple enough but in reality it is not quite as clear. The workings, which would be far more conveniently worked from the Norfolk end, are as follows:
    0320 Norwich Bus Stn-Heathrow 0715
    0920 Heathrow-Norwich Bus Stn 1320*
(* no intermediate calls between Cambridge and Norwich on the 0920 ex Heathrow)
However, based on what I have so far looked at, the coach works from the Heathrow end and appears to spend fourteen hours in Norwich.

I have added a longish posting on the Anglia Bus Forum outlining what I have found regarding the latest 727 workings with a photograph of an Edwards coach taken at Barton Mills on Friday 29 July. To save repeating the text here this is a link:

Edwards Coaches BV22 VTZ approaching Fiveways at Barton Mills on 29th June 2022
I wonder if any of your contacts have mentioned about seeing the Edwards Coach in Norwich? I was wondering if the coach was being driven by Ambassador drivers to avoid an Edwards driver being off duty in Norwich for that length of time. In my photograph the driver is visible so someone might recognise him if he works for Ambassador.

I would be very interested to know if anyone knows anything

So would we! - Roy


  1. Tracking on suggests the vehicle/driver spends the afternoon/evening at the Holiday Inn on Ipswich Road; I’ve noticed the coach parked up outside the nearby Asda on Hall Road

  2. Have you considered the fact they may have employed a driver who lives in Norwich to undertake these workings on the majority of days with other drivers lodging in Norwich as required as this exceeds the statutory break for a driver