Wednesday 13 July 2022

Busy At Beach Coach Station

Around a dozen coaches were at Beach Coach Station in Great Yarmouth at around noon today, which included three already observed on Sunday; Alfa Travel's Tourismos BN17 JCZ and BV 20HNB plus Johnston's Volvo K21 JCT.

Also present were two Caledonian Travel branded Mercedes-Benz Tourismos BV22 WPM and LSK 512, although the latter carried 'legals' for Parks of Hamilton.

When I arrived, three coaches were queuing on the east periphery road of the site trying to negotiate a way through to park as part of the coach/HGV area was taken up by building contractors with the car park also seeing use.

The third picture illustrates just that with both Lodge's Tourismo AL17 DGE and C & J Tours Tourismo BN17 JBX carefully manoeuvring past parked coaches to find their way to the front rank.

Also in attendance were two more coaches from Essex in the form of Kings Tours' VDL KC16 ABC and Kirby's Tourismo K99 BYS

An anonymous looking white Volvo B7R / Plaxton Profile, registered MT55MTT, represented Motts Travel of Aylesbury.

After earlier taking a photo of Clair's of Derbyshire's UUI 4776, the lady driver asked if I could take a another photo of the Volvo B12B /Plaxton Paragon with the door closed, as it would look better. I duly obliged!


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