Monday 2 March 2015

Eastbourne Visit

Today we decided to take a trip to Beachy Head and visit nearby Eastbourne as part of the experience. We parked in the multi storey car park in Eastbourne and searched for an eatery outside the shopping centre. We exited on to Terminus Road which we found to be a place of much bus activity!

Immediately outside the exit was a green and white Mercedes minibus operating the 44 to Berwick Station. The vehicle was Cuckmere Buses KE07HXK Mercedes 616i which has Mellor bodywork

Having never visited the town before, I rightly assumed Stagecoach South East would be the significant player, but what I didn't expect was the appearance of Brighton & Hove deckers on a coastal 12 route

One of Stagecoach's services was the Loop and one of their saloons was appropriately adorned for the circular service

In the short time I was there I also observed a Compass Bus -  Optare Solo SR YJ12PLX arriving with the 143

An interesting location for photography but found the presence of the sun a little challenging at times!


  1. Great read Stagecoach South East run services down here and not Stagecoach South.

    1. Thanks for your help Lou and post duly corrected! Pleased you enjoyed it