Monday 30 March 2015

Wanted ~ Lots of Money & Enthusiasm!

As many of you may already know, the last Olympian built for use in the UK currently resides in a withdrawn state in the rear yard at Caister Road

First's 34110 W437CWX has recently attracted at least two serious bids to secure it for preservation but both interested parties later withdrew due to the amount of money being required to bring it back to road worthiness

W437CWX was new to Yorkshire Coastliner in June 2000 but didn't enter service until August that year. It sustained accident damage in December 2001 but  437 re-entered service the following month with a new rear square registration plate between decks and bumper
W437CWX at Market Gates in November 2008 only a month after being transferred to First Eastern Counties
437 was withdrawn in February 2006 and subsequently moved to First Somerset and Avon. The Olympian then migrated east transferring to First Eastern Counties during October 2008. Its move to Caister Road came in October 2012 and it remained in service there for some two more years

So what will become of it? Will the scrap man arrive at Caister Road and take it away or will someone/group materialise and save it?

Anyone with plenty of money and enthusiasm should come forward very soon or it will be lost forever

My appreciation goes to Jamie Skinner for the information and the first two photos


  1. Such a shame the costs are proving too high. Would be excellent if a group of enthusiasts could get together and save it. Though I suppose to some, it's "just another one of those Olympians"

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Colin, Please contact me via email to and I will ensure that the information is sent to you

  3. Would be nice to see the last Olympian saved,the likes of Carlton Colville would be an ideal setting as they have the storage space and the know how on long term restoration,the sooner she is away from Caister the less she will be robbed of parts for the others,come on Carlton after all she is a seasider.

  4. Part of the problem one of the interested parties was facing was somewhere to store it. I was asked if I knew of undercover storage anywhere locally. Alas, I only know of storage in the Aslacton area.