Wednesday 25 March 2015

Shearings Group Delivery

Shearings Group coaches on Marine Parade in February
The Shearings Group, a touring coach company that is often featured on this blog, is due to receive 38 new Mercedes Benz Tourismo vehicles later this month reports today's Route One

The company has previously purchased Setras but, with Euro 6 specification unavailable in the UK, they have bought Tourismos instead

This forms the largest Tourismo order for the UK and the 38 includes 23 twelve metre versions for National Holidays with the remainder being the 13 metre option for Shearings Holidays.

The delivery has provided the opportunity to revise Shearings' Grand Tourer livery. Gone are the gold and brown colours which are replaced by Shearings' standard blue.The National Holidays white livery remains unchanged

The first vehicles went on the road this week and it is expected that it won't be too long before we see one of them in Great Yarmouth

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