Monday 23 March 2015

Sightings In Tamworth

After staying overnight on Saturday in Coleshill we transferred to Tamworth's Holiday Inn for our next night's stay

Whilst the better half decided on some retail therapy I thought I would look in at Corporation Street, one of the two bus terminals in the town

A 48 route branded ADL Enviro200 36169 KXDTN at Tamworth's Corporation Street stops
Previously I had not observed much on a Sunday but this time it was different. As I turned the corner from Church Street I was met by a view of specially branded Stagecoach ADL Enviro200 36169 KX60DTN. Its intended use was for the 48 service between Coventry and Leicester via Nuneaton - clearly not being used on that service that day!

ADL Enviro400s 4411 YX64VMF and 4407 YM64VMA with Citaro 3012 BJ12YPX bringing up the rear
Behind the saloon were two of Arriva Midlands North ADL400's; one about to leave and the other arriving on the 110 Tamworth- Birmingham service. Immediately behind was one of the operator's Mercedes Benz Citaros having worked in from Lichfield on the 765 service

I thought that would be the last of the photos I would take in Tamworth, but next morning (Monday) I found a foreigner in our midst!

The apparition was in the form of a silver liveried coach from German operator Timor Bus parked in the Holiday Inn car park. It was my first view of the Turkish manufactured Temsa Opalin and was quite a surprise!

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  1. Oh God those mnirrors! It's not a coach but a preying mantis!!