Tuesday 17 March 2015

Whippet Coastal Services ~ The End?

Following the publication of a new Whippet timetable folder and map, Suzy Scott, Administrator for Anglia & Thames Valley Bus Forum, asked if their Coastal Services would be running this year

Whippet's Volvo B12B SF05XYZ on the first day of their Coastal Service route last year
As many of you are aware, Whippet has operated a number of routes to the coast from the Cambridgeshire area for a number of years now. Although termed as seasonal, one Great Yarmouth service even ran through until December!

In response to Suzy's question on Twitter, Whippet replied 'We don't expect to run the coastal services this year, but look out for information on our website if our position changes'

So it appears that the end is nigh!

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