Monday 6 April 2020

Beccles Service In 1988 ~ 6th April 2013

On 5th of April 2013 I reported the unusual use of one of Anglian's former Brighton Tridents on the 581 Beccles to Great Yarmouth return working. Normally operated by a saloon, T813RFG was seen that day on Beccles Road in Bradwell with the lightly loaded 14:15 from Great Yarmouth's Market Gates

In response to that posting, Syd Eade emailed the following day by sending me a photo of how things used to be in 1988 - then almost 25 years ago!

SD650 C650CEX on the 9:15 Beccles to Great Yarmouth service in October 1988
Syd writes....'Your latest blog entry of the Anglian decker on 581 just shows how the route has changed over the years for the better. 25 years ago the service had been reduced to just a single journey each way, service 615, and that could easily be handled by a 16 seat minibus, and it served Aldeby and Burgh St Peter too!'

As previously mentioned, the loading on Anglian's decker wasn't that heavy neither so a minibus would have probably coped adequately with the number of passengers carried in 2013

My thanks to Syd for the report and photo. It's interesting to see how times have changed. Even the direct 581 Beccles to Great Yarmouth route has now gone to be replaced by the BorderBus operated 580 Beccles/Bungay to Great Yarmouth service via the James Paget Hospital.



  1. Great Yarmouth Transport Ltd. used to operate Route 19, Great Yarmouth to Diss up until approximately 1998. This was a shared route with Lamberts (I think?), they used a different route no.
    GYT Route 19 was one return journey, Mon to Sat. Depart Yarmouth 09:00, arrive Diss 11:00. Depart Diss 11:30, arrive Yarm 13:30.
    I drove this route for many years. The driving shift consisted of a Belton to Lynn Grove School, Cobholm to Edward Worledge School, Yarmouth to Diss & return. Meal break. Oriel High School to Belton, Gorleston Sixth Form College then Yarmouth College to Cromer then onto Crossdale Street.
    Sorry, but I don't have any material relating to Route 19.


    1. Thanks for that Des - I wasn't aware of the existence of that service