Tuesday 28 April 2020

Old Lowestoft Bus Depot

I received an interesting tweet from 'Lowestoft Central' yesterday which included a couple of pictures featuring photos of the old Lowestoft Bus Station and Depot before the latter moved to more spacious premises at Gasworks Road

The photos were taken on a Kodak Instamatic camera shortly before depot demolition occurred in the 1980s. Martin tells me the depot was housed in the former Regent Alfresco Theatre - named as such as it’s roof could slide open.

My thanks to 'Lowestoft Central' for the photos. Whilst not up to the standard of photos taken on today's digital cameras they do bring back some great memories.


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  1. I remember it well. I attended Lowestoft Art School on day and evening release when serving my apprenticeship using service 1 as my way to and from Yarmouth. I vividly remember the stench of the "Gents," situated down the steps to the right of the garage. Possibly the smelliest toilets in East Anglia. Ah! Happy days! Possibly the smelliest toilets in East Anglia.