Friday 10 April 2020

Blue Ones

With Lockdown now well and truly the norm at present it seems typical that lots of transport changes are taking place but only a handful can be recorded on camera with a case of right place, right time being the best scenario if you are exercising or on a shopping trip of course!.

The Coastal Clipper 1 service runs through my home village and all the recent changes mean that many of the former Excel Enviro 400's are now appearing on the route, so i have been timing my daily bike ride to coincide when the route passes at the top of North Road in the village. 33816 is seen above on Thursday afternoon heading towards Martham.

33824 was the first of this afternoon's sightings seen here turning into Cromer Road heading towards Great Yarmouth.

Finally 33817 is pictured just after passing 33824 going in the opposite direction heading to Martham.

Camera back in pocket and it was on with the Bike Ride!

Stay Safe everyone and Happy Easter, Not too much Chocolate!!


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