Friday, 10 September 2021

City Of Colour

Last weekend myself and my partner ventured to the city of Nottingham for a concert, the first for quite a while because of the pandemic of course! Friday night was concert night followed by a wander around the city centre on Saturday morning. The other half was far more interested in shopping so she and her friends ventured off leaving me with unfortunately just my phone to grab a few shots of the very colourful bus operations of Nottingham City Transport and Trent Barton.

The main body of vehicles within the Nottingham fleet are Scania E400 Envirocity Deckers and are all colour coded for various routes around the city.

Other vehicles in the fleet include ADL Enviro 200/400's, Optare Solo SR's and newer ADL Enviro 200 MMC's.

Another trip will be made i am sure, with the correct camera next time! A very colourful and vibrant city with plenty to view for any enthusiast.

Final photo is of Trent Barton ADL Enviro 200MMC YY18TPO pictured awaiting departure to Derby on the Indigo Line.


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