Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Five Arrive (No, make that Six!)

A mid afternoon visit to Beach Coach Station today saw five coaches in attendance and, as I was about to drive off, another arrived!

Two Mercedes-Benz Tourismos were from Alfa Travel in the shape of 111 BV19 YFF and 118 BV20 HNB

Next in line was Barnsley based B R Guest Holidays' Setra S416GT-HD N10 BRG which was new to Welsh Coaches of Upton, Pontefract in 2007 as W6 HOL

The fourth coach was Acklams Coaches YN15 YTE, an Irizar i6 which was previously with Ellison's Coaches of Leeds

From the Tamworth fleet of Solus Coaches was YS18 SGZ an Irizar bodied Scania new to them in May 2018

And that was it, or so I thought! I returned to the car and checked through the photos to see if they were OK and, whilst answering a message on social media, I looked up to see groups of people passing the car. Clearly another coach had arrived.

I returned to the coach station in time to see the last passengers alighting from Lucketts' Mercedes-Benz Tourismo BV19 YKC complete with fleet number 539453. So make that six then!


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