Friday 3 December 2021

A Week In Worthing

I have just returned from a week in Worthing on the south coast which provided the opportunity of taking a few few photos whilst I was there

The first shows an unusual visitor to Stagecoach South's Worthing depot on 26th November. It was former Yellow Buses of Bournemouth Y416 CFX. However, I couldn't get close enough to see the legal information to identify the new owner. A request on Twitter for further details received a comment from Colin Oakley who said it was previously with R&J Coaches of Smeeth. Murray Jones later provided details of the current owner which was Seven Sisters Bus & Coach but it is presently on loan to Compass Bus. Thank you both for the updates.

Later the same day Metrobus was employing Scania N94UB/ OmniCity YN05 HCG on the 23 service to Crawley Bus Station - a regular occurrence. The bus is similar to the four Anglianbus acquired from Metrobus in May 2012.

A few days later, on the 29th November, Metrobus Alexander Dennis Enviro200 YX63 ZWY is seen working the same service to Crawley in South Street, Worthing. Also on the same day an example of the latest Stagecoach livery was observed on a Worthing based bus. See New Livery For Worthing - 29th November 2021 for a photo of Transbus Enviro300 27658 GX10 KZL in the new colour scheme

Finally, my thanks to Grahame for holding the fort whilst I was away and who provided some interesting posts in my absence.


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