Monday 13 December 2021

Rail Replacement ~ Saturday

This weekend saw rail replacement services in use between Ely and Cambridge with Omar Atiallah recording some examples of the vehicles in use on Saturday

Galloway provided Caetano Levante bodied Volvo B9R which was pretending to be a motorcycle!

M&M Staffing supplied Neoplan OU15 ZVX

Also in attendance were a couple of deckers from the HCT Group including Enviro400 E17HCT and ex Metroline LK59CXC

Essex based Trustybus provided Central Connect branded CT12 GAL

Both of Youngs Scania Omnilinks are regular performers on rail replacement with A13 YCC and K17 YCC also being employed on Saturday. Both originated from Brighton & Hove being registered YN58 BCO and YN58 BCV respectively

The final photo features C& G Travel's LX03 OSC - a former Stagecoach London Dennis Trident

My thanks to Omar for providing the photos


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