Wednesday, 8 June 2022

Ambassador Views

This afternoon I looked in at Ambassador Travel's James Watt Close yard on Gapton Hall Estate in Great Yarmouth in the hope of getting a photo of Optare AU08 DKL. The Versa had recently taken over the working of the 271 Bradwell to Hemsby service following accident damage to the regular vehicle, Volvo B7RLE GN07 AVF

As luck would have it, AU08 DKL was parked on the forecourt immediately next the exit so I took the opportunity to get a photo. The bus was new to Anglian of Beccles and later with Konectbus being painted in the latter's colours. Semmence acquired it June 2019 before transferring it to Ambassador.

Whilst taking the photo, a member of the staff came out for a friendly chat and told me that they had recently received three Caetano Levante bodied Volvo B8R coaches to cater for the increase in the Great Yarmouth to London National Express service later this month. Two were in the yard, BX65 WAE and BX65 WAA, whilst the unidentified third was in the workshops receiving attention. .

My thanks to Ambassador Travel for the information.



  1. I suspect that BK15AJV is the third one. It is the only other Volvo B8R left in the NXWM fleet.

  2. Thanks David. I visited the depot again this evening and can confirm you are right - it is BK15AJV. It was seen in the works receiving attention- see later post for photo