Friday 24 June 2022

Bakers Dozen

Last night was one of those rare warm evenings on the east coast without the cold breeze so I took advantage of it; ending in a four and half mile walk of the holiday area. It would be rude not to note any visiting coaches on the way and I did eventually record thirteen of them.

The first port of call was Beach Coach Station where I observed ten on site, with one of them parking on the car park following lack of space on the coach and lorry parking area due to development work. Simonds Volvo B9R YX68 UCA was the coach in question.

Of the remaining nine, there were three Alfa Travel Tourismos present in the form of 92 BX15 OED, 107 BV19YFB and 118 BV20 HNB

Portsmouth City Coaches YS16 LNE, a Scania K360IB4 with Irizar i6 bodywork, was an unusual visitor and was previously with Solus Travel of Tamworth.

Dudley-based Dunwood Travel sent along their new Higer bodied Scania YN22 YHD which only joined the fleet in March

Other visitors were Caledonian Travel's Mercedes-Benz Tourismo NH18 PGH, Grayway's Tourismo BA19 OXL, Arena Travel's Scania YN18 SFO and 2 Ks Travel WA54 BUS

Two coaches were located on the Palm Court Hotel car park on North Drive; Bakers Dolphin Mercedes-Benz Tourismo BV19 YMC and Ross Travel's VDL RT69 BUS

Our walk ended at the Wellington Pier but before retracing our steps I got a photo M & D Travel's VDL SW15 YAU with National Holidays' branding.


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