Tuesday 14 June 2022

Seven Up

With an early evening appointment yesterday it gave me the ideal excuse to seek out any coaches in the holiday area and at Beach Coach Station in Great Yarmouth. As there were quite a number about I have split the observations into two posts with the first concentrating on the seven at Beach Coach Station.

Five of the seven were Mercedes-Benz Tourismos with two of them from the often photographed Alfa Travel fleet; these were 96 BU16 HBD and 116 BV19 YFL. The other three were Acklams Coaches' BV66 GVM, Richard Taylor's RT69 RTT and Caledonia Travel's BV22 WPM

The other two visitors were VDLs which included KM Travel's YG22 LVD and Bluebird Coaches' T321 BBC with Shearings.com branding.


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