Sunday 13 May 2018

Seven Shearing Setras

On my way back from a weekend trip to the midlands, I looked in at Corley Services on the M6 to see what Shearings coaches were about.

Surprisingly none of the recent arrivals were to be seen but instead I was rewarded with the presence of seven of their Setras. They were 302 (BK11GJF), 307 (BK11GJV, 308 (BK11GJX), 330 (BK11CSF, 518 (BU13ZTK), 519 (BU13ZTL) and 639 (BT63GCZ)

Just as I arrived a further two coaches turned up. They were Greenline's Mercedes Benz Tourismo GC18GLC and National Express liveried Volvo B9R/ Caetano Levante FJ13EAY operated by Travel De Courcey.


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