Friday 11 May 2018

The Bus Of Many Colours

Another repaint for First Norwich to report is Volvo B7RLE 66982 KX05MHL which has now gained a generic Lilac front for use on any route in the city.

66982 pictured in Norwich shortly after returning from the paintshop (Sam Larke)

This particular vehicle certainly enjoys the paintshop as this is its fourth different colour front it has carried since being painted out of its original Barbie livery.

66982 Pictured in its Ipswich livery whilst on loan to Norwich (Kieran Smith)

Next it went Turquoise for use on the 13 service in Norwich

Seen in Castle Meadow in its then new Yellow guise for routes 28/29 in the City.

Thanks to Sam & Kieran for use of their photos, the other two being my own.


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