Tuesday 22 May 2018

Day Trip To Bangor?

A little known service operating to and from Great Yarmouth is the National Express 375 which runs daily between the town and Bangor in North Wales. It serves such places as Kings Lynn, Peterborough, Leicester, Coventry, Birtmingham, Liverpool and Prestatyn along the route which takes a rather long 13 Hours and 10 minutes !

It leaves Market Gates each morning at 7.00am and gets to Bangor at 8.10pm. The opposite journey starts in Bangor at 8.10am and arrives in Yarmouth at 8.45pm. I managed to photograph one of the vehicles used this evening after parking up for the night at Beach Coach Station. Caetano Levante LJ66LLJ is operated by Llew Jones International of Llanrwst.


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